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Image url

Any chance of making the image property work with a url?
For example if I wanted to store my images on Amazon or something similar rather than the internal server.
That way I can store shitloads of images without concern about drive space and also access images elsewhere if I have the need without requiring direct access to a specific drive on a specific network.

*** "shitloads" is a standardised unit of measurement ***


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    As much as I would love to reinvent the wheel, the browser control can do this for you right now.

    If you create an OLE control on a form without a ProgID, then you get a browser control by default, which is the Explorer WebBrowser control. Call the Navigate2 method to pass in your image URL. Voila.

    *** "Voila" is the technical term for "Wahoo" ***
  • Thanks Kevin for the second pair of eyes and the technical definitions
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