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Formdes keeps crashing while saving with Ribbon Control

After adding the Ribbon Control on a form in OI 8.0.8 and then saving that form causes the error message Open Insight Form Designer has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I currently have SRPControls.ocx 4.0.3 installed.


  • This is a known side effect of the Ribbon co-opting the form. The problem is that the Ribbon only works by overriding the form it's in. It does something called subclassing. If I don't subclass the form, then you see nothing at all while in the Form Designer. I can look into some way to stop the crashing, but it might involve the form just being empty until runtime. While we can all agree that stability is preferred, is it better than seeing nothing at all? I'm genuinely curious in your opinion.

    I might be able to hook into the Form Designer menu system and try to preemptively unsubclass the form, but I have no guarantee or ETA on that.
  • This is not a big issue, because I don't access this form very often in formdes. I just wanted to let you know it was occurring. I would rather see the control than nothing at all. Keep up the good work!
  • I think that's why I forgot it existed in the first place. Once I create a form with it, I almost never open it again. I will still take a look at it at some point to see what I can do. It's certainly a blemish I'd like to see removed.
  • I am now getting the same issue.
    It is OK in OI 8.0.8, but happens in OI9.4
    The form all saves correctly, so its just a matter of restarting the Form Designer to carry on.
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