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Embedded forms and dialog_box

I'm launching a dialog_box from a form set in a panel. When I use end_dialog, the returnval doesn't return to the calling routine.
If I run the embedded form just on its own and then launch the dialog_box everything works as expected.
Any thoughts as to where my retval may be getting lost once the form is in a panel?


  • Are you absolutely sure that Dialog_Box hasn't already returned prior to using End_Dialog? That is, are you sure your dialog form is running as a modal form?
  • Perfect Don.
    When calling dialog_box I was passing the name of the embedded form as the parentID. Still launched and appeared to work exactly the same except for the non returning value.
    If I call dialog_box passing the parent of the embedded form, ie the form that has the panel as the parentID the result is returned.

    So I guess that means that an embedded form loses it's right to parenthood and dialog_box whilst appearing to work, loses its modality.

    Thanks for the prompt.
  • I'm not exactly sure of the cause, but I recognized the symptom. I imagine this is happening for the same reason that MDI Children are not supposed to be the parent of modal processes.
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