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Expand and Contract Data Fields

When editing a record, I can double click to expand a field, but I couldn't figure out how to contract it. Finally when I went to write this post to point out this "bug" it came to me to try Shift + Double Click. That was it - duh! Why am I still writing this post, you may ask? Well, I figure someone else might be as dense as me and want to know that bit of information.

I also wanted to point out that when you Right Click next to field on the record, a context menu appears. The "Expand All" and "Contract All" do not do anything when clicked (although I didn't use the Shift key there either.... hold on a second.... no that doesn't work either). So maybe there is a little bug after all.


  • I appreciate you posting this for others. I'll take a look at the context menu and see why it's acting up.
  • FYI, you can also use Ctrl+E to expand and Ctrl+Shift+E to contract. That's a shout out to us old AREV guys or anybody else who prefers to keep their fingers on the keyboard. :)
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