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Error -99

We have an automated routine that sends a bunch of emails around 4am every Monday morning.
Turns out the recipients haven't been receiving the emails for a couple of weeks.
Found our log files and we've logged a return val error of -99.

Before I go delving any further just thought I'd ask if anyone knew if this pointed to a specific problem that people knew about or if it's just a generic catch all didn't work but don't know why kind of error.


  • According to the help file Set_Printer has error codes that go from -1 to -20. Are any of the routines generating PDF files with OIPI and maybe you're hitting an undocumented error?
  • I think Mark is seeing this error being returned from the SRP Mail Utility. I don't know if -99 is coming from the SMTP server or from within the SRPMail.dll itself. I was waiting for Kevin to respond since he knows the internal code better.
  • Thank you gentlemen. I believe both of you are correct in some way.
    I have fresh eyes today and can see what I couldn't yesterday.

    Don, yes I was saying that the error was returned from the srp_send_mail call because that's what our internal logs was telling me and scouring the code seemed to support that conclusion. A revisit today sees that immediately before logging the srp retval another function is called (in the case of an error) and that returns to the same variable that is subsequently logged as the srp retval. There is the source of my -99.

    So there is still an error with the sendmail but the returned value isn't -99 and as yet I don't know what the actual value is.

    This takes me to Jared's response. I think the underlying error is related to the creation of pdfs. There are meant to be some attached to the emails that are failing, yet I can't locate them so it's likely that the oipi is failing for some reason and then the subsequent mail fails because it is expecting attachments that it can't find.

    Of course I can't replicate on demand which makes it all the more difficult to identify the cause.
    I'll keep hunting.

    Apologies for the misleading info. I stared at the code for a good hour or more yesterday ensuring we weren't changing the error code ourselves before I posted. It took less than two minutes today to see that we were.

    Some days we shouldn't get out of bed.
  • I had to double check the code, but SRP Mail only returns a number when it succeeds: 1. If it fails, it always returns a string describing the error.
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