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No status bar.. until form recompile

Hi team

We upgraded from srpcontrols 3.0.5 to 3.1.0 today and I noticed that the statusbar simply doesn't appear anymore. Same for FRW_MAIN and my test-harness form. It took a change/recompile within the Form Designer for it to magically re-appear. So all is good again... :-D

User: James Birnie


  • James,

    For reasons we do not fully understand, but have some slight suspicions, the StatusBar control and on occasion the ShortcutBar control tend to "disappear" as you described when one of the following conditions occur:
    • You upgrade the controls
    • You upgrade OpenInsight

    I have not seen this get fixed simply by recompiling the form. Our prescribed solution is to change the Prog ID to something else (anything else) and then back. Then recompile the form. You mentioned a change, but you didn't mention what kind of change. Perhaps you did what I just explained.
  • Hi Don

    Thanks for the info, I'll know for next time. The only change I made was to select the statusbar, then move it 1 pixel right then back left again, then recompiled the form -> all was good.

    FYI We didn't change OI version this time, but saw the same behaviour in OI 9.3.1 and 9.4

    User: James Birnie
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