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I come from an HTML, CSS background. I am use to having one location for all my styling.

Within FrameWorks with a Ribbon Control, what is the best way to get all my theming in place and layout a custom theme?

Unfortunately, none of the predefined themes in the Ribbon Control Manager have the look I am after and I don't see any way to edit them as they are built into the OCX.

Any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


  • In a perfect world, the themes would be in one place. However, these controls were created over many years using various 3rd party libraries. The Ribbon shares it's theme with a handful of controls (such as Calendar and Datepicker), but that's about it, and the themes are limited to presets (Office2010, etc.).
  • Thanks Kevin.

    Same subject but not FrameWorks related directly.
    If I set the theme to System are there enough properties to be able to effectively theme the window or am I better off just redesign my color scheme off of one of the preset themes?
  • The "System" theme isn't anymore customize-able than any other theme. It simply means that the Ribbon will use the current system colors, which is defined by the user instead of you. If you go this route, you can make other SRP controls match pretty well using system colors (see the Color type), but this is ultimately the "plain" option.

    FrameWorks does do some things for you. You can set the theme for the Ribbon control in the Ribbon Manager, and you can control the look and feel of editing controls in the Preferences Manager. That should take care of most it. There is also a stored procedure called Theme_Services. I don't recommend altering it directly (we wouldn't want to clobber it during an upgrade), but you can call it to setup a few SRP controls to look like the ones in the Ribbon Manager and what not. Or just write your own My_Theme_Services where all look-and-feel setup is in one place.
  • The restrictions of the predefined themes may be a blessing in disguise as now I don't have limitless options in front of me.

    Thanks for the further explanation and I will have to have a look at the Theme_Services.
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