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Margin issue

I have two horizontal splitters, as code gragment below.
They are roughly 1/3rd and 2/3rds of the way down the screen.
OLECtrlEntID=@Window:".MH_SPLITTER" CALL Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID,"OLE.TopMargin",100) CALL Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID,"OLE.BottomMargin",100)
OLECtrlEntID=@Window:".SH_SPLITTER" CALL Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID,"OLE.TopMargin",200) CALL Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID,"OLE.BottomMargin",100)
The concept as I understand is that the margin values are based on the top of the screen, position of next splitter and bottom of the screen.

These both resize perfectly if you move them up and down, stopping at the appropriate points.
If however the top splitter is moved to its lowest point, then the bottom splitter is allowed to move anywhere, even outside the bounds of the form.

My guess is that the position of the relationships becomes negative somewhere, and this is not checked.

Its not a major issue, as the user can close and re-open the form.

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