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Restrict moving an appointment

What is the procedure/settings to restrict a user from moving/dragging an appointment. I can capture the OnApptChange event and get the details from where the appointment has come from and able to use OLE.AddAppts to put the appointment back to where it came from but I am told I cannot use the same keys and I do not know how to delete/remove an appointment.
Any advice would be grateful.


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    You are looking for BeforeApptDrag and BeforeApptDrop. To cancel the operation, set the Cancel property to 1 inside the event handler.

    As with all Before events, you need to qualify them synchronously in order to cancel the operation successfully.
  • My apologies. I just realized this question was for the Calendar control, not the Schedule control. There is currently no way to prevent a user from adjusting Calendar appointments.
  • Is there a "View Only" setting in the calendar control.
  • Not currently, no. We can consider adding it in the future, but we are currently putting all our effort into supported 64-bit so our controls will work in OIX.
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