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get itemlist and @svm

I've noticed when I do a get_property of the itemlist, @svm's are returned as 61692.
Confused me a bit at first because I was getting the property and then I thought I was modifying a couple of minor things however the subsequent resetting of itemlist effectively blanked everything out altogether.
I figured out the pattern and now swap 61692 with @svm but was wondering if there might be any other gotchas I haven't yet noticed.


  • The number 61692 is appearing textually? But VMs and FMs look okay? That is rather odd since all delimiters in my internal code are the same type using the same code when encoding.
  • Ignore line 2 because I had inserted a new 'rectangle' before taking the screenshot but you can see in lines 1 and 3, the rectangle value looks like one big number but it aint really.
    The vms and fms are as normal.

  • It appears that, for some reason, C++ is treating my SVM delimiter as an integer instead of a Unicode character. Not all the time, though, since I can see SVMs in your screenshot in some places. At least you have a work around for now as I will not be able to provide a fix until our next release, which is still a couple weeks away since I am working on 64-bit/OIX support.
  • No worries. The work around works.
    Just for clarification, the font parameter in the itemlist correctly has the svm's.
    All other occurrences are 61692
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