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Gripper Visibility

The gripper is only visible when the splitter is about 10 pixels wide.
I don't like a fat splitter, so cant then see gripper.
I expect this is by design, so just mentioning.


  • Hmm, are you sure? I just tested it and I see a gripper as long as the bar is 4 pixels or wider. Are you using any kind of border?
  • Yes, I was using a border.
    I turn this off and I can now see the gripper.
    Cant really get the thing to be designed as I want, as I was looking to show the gripper and have a border, but also have it 5 pixels wide. Seems I cant have it all, as it just wont fit.
    I will therefore do without the gripper, as without the border the splitter is not very clearly visible.
  • There is still hope. Instead of using the border property, use the border feature of the background color fill. This should allow enough space to display the gripper.
  • Tried that, still does not work at 5 pixels deep.
    10 pixels shows 3 little grippers on the Form Designer, but after applying backcolour, this only shows one little gripper.
    Therefore at 5 pixels there is still insufficient room.

    5 an 10 used as that is my snap settings.

    I should however be able to get a suitable design using the colour fill without the grippers showing
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