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My editor has amnesia

I booted up my machine this morning, opened the editor and it appears to have forgotten all the stuff I rely on it to remember.
The left hand panel has a list of unopened favourites but under the Open Windows section there was nothing but the viewer.

Normally I might have 20 or 30 routines open because otherwise I suffer from amnesia myself and can't remember what specifically I was working on.

I only put my machine to sleep overnight and normally that would mean that I wouldn't close the editor beforehand so it's possible that the editor closed without my approval and that may have contributed somehow but I wouldn't expect it to return to essentially a blank slate.

Any thoughts?


  • I assumed the above was stored in a registry setting somewhere so I went hunting it down.
    I thought I had found it but the entries didn't match what I was seeing in the editor, including the favourites.
    I assume that means I am looking in the wrong place.

    I was looking here for the favourites for example


    but the registry setting has a list of 40 odd favourites and my editor is displaying about ten.

    I also took a punt that maybe this location


    would be the open list but the registry has a list of about 60 and the editor is showing only the viewer.

    I'm thinking that neither of those two lists are necessarily recent anyway so is there somewhere else I should be looking to troubleshoot this?
  • Did your computer reset overnight due to an update or something? If OI closes improperly, the opened documents are lost. Even though they are still in the registry, there is an entry with a count. So, even if there are 40 listed, if the count at the top is 0, then none will load. You can try setting the count to some other number to see if that brings them back.
  • OI was still open but the editor wasn't so I'm thinking the editor closed overnight.
    Regardless, resetting the count to correspond to the number in the list did the trick.

    Easy when you know how.

    Thanks Kev
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