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Vertical scrollbar behaving as auto when set to "Never"

Set_Property(ole_names$, "OLE.ScrollBarsVisible", "Never":fm$:"Never")

Despite the above, the table adds a vertical scrollbar when the number of rows exceeds the space.
I don't want it to.

Horizontal works as advertised. Vertical doesn't, unless I'm doing it wrong?


  • and just an additional question please.
    What's the actual width of the scrollbar area?
    I want to fix the number of columns evenly in the available space. I may want to have more columns to the right of the visible space but I don't want the user to be able to navigate to them directly.
    If my columns are just a fraction too wide, then clicking in the last visible column scrolls one column to the left so that the next supposedly hidden column is visible. If I make the columns subtly narrower, then the next column is partially visible allowing the user to click into it.
    I've made the vertical scrollbar always visible so I need to take that into account when determining the required width hence the question about the width of the area.
  • I could be wrong, but I think the width of the scrollbar area is theme/OS determined.
  • Thanks Don.
    Typing the question out prompted another thought that I'm just now testing but it looks like it will work.
    I'm going to hide all the columns I don't want visible and just switch visibility rather than scrollpos.
    I'm controlling access via back and forward buttons so the initial thought was just to move scrollpos but the old visibility chestnut is proving itself the better option.
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