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Group display titles

Hi, is it possible to set the title of a group to something other than the column name?

I am trying to create a report table that groups orders by

This month
Last Month

and i want to use the above words as the titles of the groups, not the dates.


  • Hi again,

    it's like how outlook sorts emails:

  • I'd be interested to know if you can too.
    The way I've handled that type of thing to date though is to add an extra column that I only use for grouping. I enter the text in that I want as the header into that column based on the contents of the other column I'm really interested in.
    Does that make sense?

    In other words instead of just populating columns with the real data like this
    Order NoOrder DateOrder Total
    132456 02 May 18$150.00
    12389430 April 18$275.00
    11456828 April 18$225.00
    and then trying to group by Order Date but with a different title, I'll add an extra invisible column just for the group titles
    Order NoOrder DateWhenOrder Total
    132456 02 May 18 This Month$150.00
    12389430 April 18 Last Month$275.00
    11456828 April 18 Last Month$225.00
    Make the "When" column invisible but set it as a group column. If you don't want the word "When" to show then just make it null or a space or something and you will only ever see "This Month" , "Last Month" whatever...

    Not quite what you asked but I think you may get a similar result
  • hi, thank you for your suggestion. We have already tried that, and it doesn't really work because the report table will now sort the groups by the text in the When column, which is not correct. So for example, Last Month would appear before This Month because L comes before T.

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    It was worth a shot. I've hit that same hurdle before as well.
    Can't suggest a solution for that one as I don't know what the ultimate end result that you want is.
    I assume you want to sort by date order but grouped into something bigger than individual days? If that's the case, you'll have to have another column to group on anyway otherwise, every day will be a separate group.
    That then means you just have to figure out what you want to put in the 'grouping' column.

    Here's an example of where I was stuck on sorting of groups. I wanted the groups in an explicit order and it wasn't alphabetical either ascending or descending. Primarily I wanted the preferred group at the top and the banned group at the bottom.

    Not an ideal scenario but served the purpose.
    The asterisk made sure "P" came before "B" and the "xxx" made sure "Ba" came after "Br"
  • hi,

    we did the same (we prepended a "1" to the This Month column a "2" to the Last Month column, etc. But it looks ugly. SRP should add functionality that allows you to set the title of a group independent from the value being grouped.
  • Guys,

    Just so that the silence won't become deafening, I just wanted to let you know that the engineer who can best address this question and/or possible feature is on holiday and won't be back for another week. I'll research to see if there is a way to do it already and will report back if I come up with anything.
  • I think the table automatically rewords individual dates to words like Today, Yesterday, etc. However, rewording by month is not built-in. This will have to be an additional feature.
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    Hi Kevin,

    I think you have misunderstood. I am not asking for automatic naming. Quite the opposite. I want to be able to name a group manually? It could be a property of a group-- GroupDisplayTitle?

    Not sure if this is possible though.
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