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number of header column

what's the quickest way to get the number of header columns in edittable? I don't want to hardcode it. thanks


  • I find it curious that you need more than one. I generally need either just the one or none at all but I'm really just commenting so I get notified when there's a response cause my curiosity has been sparked. :)
  • Mark - You know you can update your notification preferences to get a notification for all new and updated threads right?
  • slowjams - To be honest, I'm a bit curious too. We added the ability for multiple header columns with the long term goal of creating an EditTable that would support multiple internal grids. However, that never reached fruition.

    I haven't tested this myself, but does Get_Property with HeaderRowCount work?

  • I do get notifications for new threads and updates to threads I've contributed to. Either I didn't realise you could get notifications for updates to threads you haven't contributed to or I turned it off some time ago for some reason.
    I'll go check what I've got set.

  • Don is correct. You have to use the HeaderRowCount property, but this only works if you set RowsToRecords to 0, which effectively turns off all the automation that is done to make your table look consistent. In other words, you have to manually program all rows and columns to make your table look exactly the way you want. It's a trade-off between convenience and control.
  • The question was about header “columns” though?
  • You might be right. Header columns != Column Headers. If we are talking about the left header column, then no, there is no support right now for adding more headers there.
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