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edit field in a cell

Hi is it possible to have a edit field "look" control in a cell of edittable? The problem of select-edit of edittable is, when you finish editing an cell, the content is merged(there is no square edge) into the cell, yes you can still edit it but it is not like edit field that looks natural and indicates users that its editable.


  • I'm not aware of any means to achieve the actual effect in your image. I think the best bet you have is to experiment with the cellcolors and related properties.
    It won't place an editfield within your cell but you should be able to distinguish between editable and non-editable cells. Not exactly the same yet could achieve the same overall objective, ie to provide a visual cue to the user as to which cells they can edit and which they can't.
    Personally I just tend to protect non-editable columns so that the user can't enter them anyway. If they can click in the cell, then they can edit it but perhaps in my use case, it is a little more self explanatory what you can and can't edit.

    Some other options that may or may not help (I haven't used them so I'm not sure of the end result) are the cell padding and the last parameter of the selectionstyle property.
  • As Mark suggested, there is no way to get an edit field "look" within the cell itself. The SRP EditTable is more like Excel in this regard. I do think Mark is giving you sound advice to use cell colors to your advantage as well as use cell protection to eliminate unnecessary navigation into a non-editable cell.
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