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Signature display

I am looking to use this control.
I can see how you would sign, and save the image, eg as a bitmap.

I am looking to redisplay the signature, but cant see that there is a method or property for this.
The idea is that I have a signature box on my users screen, enabled for the current user only.
They can save, and the signature is saved, but when the user calls up the screen again, I want to see the signature in the box again.

I can have a workaround where I can use the OI bitmap control or SRP picture control, to show this, but then I have to have two controls, one to show the current and one to allow the user for a place to sign.

Is this possible, or do I need to follow up the workaround.

Basically I want an Import from Bitmap method.




  • Colin,

    That is an excellent suggestion...and by that comment I am confirming that there is no property or method that will do this for you. I will consult with my developer on the feasibility of adding this but it might not be until next week as he is on holiday right now.
  • There is no import available because it is not trivial to implement. Therefore, the Signature control was not meant to be a data control that can read and write the signature data. It is an input control that produces images. If you want to display the signature in a readonly fashion, then the Picture control does this nicely.
  • Thanks, no problem.
    What I will do is have the picture control and the signature control on the same form, and toggle visibility.
    The user can click a button to sign, make the signature control visible, then when done I can hide this and revert to the picture control.

  • Actually, thinking more on this I now beleive it is better NOT to allow the control to display.
    If you can display it, then someone could edit it, rather than having them re-sign.
    Not that this stops anyone from editing the saved image file, but its a level of security.

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