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Hyperlink Picture

Hi, how to make a picture like a hyperlink so you can click it (I mean current picture control does allow you to click it but without visual indication such as the mouse cursor changes to hand shape etc)


  • I don't think there's anything explicit but you may be able to simulate something using the onMouseEnter event and perhaps the bordercolors property or something
  • I'm not sure you can do this in a satisfactory way without an upgrade to the control itself. You could us OnMouseEnter and OnMouseExit, as Mark suggested, but the Utility("CURSOR") service doesn't support the hand cursor. Unfortunately, setting a cursor via the Win32 API is not straight forward, since it has to be called constantly during a MouseMove. Is there a reason a button can't do the job? A button has better affordance IMO.
  • Thanks guys, I've already made it worked by using set_property("SYSTEM","CURSOR","&")
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