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Unicode Instructions

I installed the eval copy of the Unicode OIPI. I could not find any instructions on how to use the product so I started using the conventional OIPI commands. In the application that I am using the printer direction works great, but the page is blank when it prints.
Are there any instructions on how to use Unicode product. What print commands work. And how to use them. I am trying to use the Set_Printer command with both ADD_Table and TEXTXY.


  • It's supposed to work the same as the normal OIPI, which is why there are no special instructions (other than the ability to switch between OI and SRP API mode). As we discussed previously, this is an older product with little distribution so it is possible that some features of the OIPI are not working.

    Having said that, I fully expect TEXTXY and ADDTABLE to work. Have you tried preview mode to see if anything renders that way? We might need you to post or send us some sample code that doesn't work to see if we experience the same issues.
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    Another thought...but this is a complete stab in the dark as I'm not sure if this matters: is UTF8 mode enabled for the application?
  • Follow up on Unicode routines.
    After several tries I figured out that the routines worked on all my printers except the Zebra barcode printer I was initially working on. So I figured out that I needed to enlarge the font size from 10 to 50 to see anything printing. The label came out blank at first. But really the print was so small the ink never left a mark. So if you are printing to a Zebra barcode printer, play with the font sizes and orientation to get the print to work.
    Thanks, I am going to order the product for my client.
  • Aha...good to know. Label printers are always a special snowflake, even with OIPI Classic and OIPI.Net. I am not surprised the SRP Unicode OIPI exhibits similar problems due to the shared libraries being used.
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