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How can I make a form's width as short as possible?

I can only reduce a form's width to a certain size, it seems that a form has a minimum width


  • Could you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean at design time or at runtime? Do you mean via code or by user dragging a border? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
  • Both on design time or at runtime and I tried both of via code or by user dragging a border, once the form's width is reduced to a certain width, it couldn't be reduced any further
  • I'd still like to know if you are trying to accomplish something specific or are you really just curious in general. Yes, some things will prevent the window from being narrowed too much such as controls (especially anchored controls) and buttons in the caption. The form itself has a non-client areas which also contribute to the overall size of the form and you cannot remove without extra coding.
  • so how can I reduce non-client areas with extra coding? what property of the form should I change?
  • I guess you'll just keep dodging my question then? ;-)
  • seems that I was, but how can I reduce the non-client area which seems to cause the problem
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