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Rotate Array clears data from variable


See before and after command screenshot in debug.
Blank fields seem to be involved.

This is OI 9.4, and downloaded and installed the latest Utilities 2.0.1



  • Are you able to send us the content if your VALUE_TABLE array?
  • I did the following to push to the clipboard, then attached the text file from notepad.
    If you reverse this you should get the content.

    Swap @FM with Char(13):Char(10) in VALUE_TABLE
    Swap @VM with Char(9) in VALUE_TABLE
    Call Set_Property("CLIPBOARD","TEXT",VALUE_TABLE)
  • Thanks! I think I duplicated your issue which means we can look into a fix. Someone will report back on this ASAP.
  • SRP Utilities 2.0.2 RC8 fixes this issue. The problem with Rotate Array is preallocating the memory needed to fit the new array. The algorithm was already allocating extra space, but your data presented a case in which the data was very tall and narrow, which results in a massive amounts of VMs in the rotated output. As a result, the memory was not enough. I updated the algorithm to be multiplicative instead of additive when calculated how much space will be needed for delimiters.
  • BTW, if you look at the srp utilities reference table (on the right), srp_array does not appear there.
    srp_array missing from this table
  • Kevin,
    Thanks, this RC fixes the issue, all displays as expected.
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