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TabVisible not working

Hi I want to hide tabs in the create event, if I place:
Set_Property(OLECtrlEntID, "OLE.TabVisible[ALL]", 0) in the create event then it is not working and I have to place the code in "SIZE" event to make tabs disappear, why I can't make a tab disappear on the fly in the create event?


  • You can do this in the CREATE event. There must be something wrong with your code. I hate to ask something so obvious, but is OLECtrlEntID populated correctly? Also, are you setting any other properties after the TabVisible property, such as TabCount? Remember, you can only hide tabs that already exist so perhaps you are setting the TabVisible property too early.
  • My only guess without seeing more code is that you are setting TabVisible to 0 before actually creating the tabs, in which case, there are no tabs to hide at the time. If you haven't already, try setting TabVisible at the end of the CREATE event.
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