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is it possible to create control via coding?

Lets say I have a shopping cart,I don't know how many different item a customer is going to buy, so I have to create a lot of editfields(I don't want to use editable table or report table) in advance, then hide some of them. Is it possible I can create new control on the fly?


  • Yes, you can do this using the CREATE Utility service. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't spell out how do do this. Rather than create from scratch, you normally would use the ORIG_STRUCT property against a control you want to duplicate, make any necessary structural changes, and then use the CREATE service to create the control.
  • In my previous response, I wanted to give you a straight answer without introducing alternative ideas, especially when you had already said "I don't want to use editable table or report table".

    Therefore I'm creating a second response to address alternatives. May I ask why you would not consider the EditTable or ReportTable controls? Do you have a specific UI design in mind that precludes those controls? Are you worried about those controls being strictly row and column based?

    Before dismissing the SRP EditTable control, I want to remind you that this control has some special layout capabilities that might suit you rather well. The first is the RowsToRecords property. This property allows you to define a logical record to be mapped to multiple rows in the EditTable (as opposed to a single wide row). Thus, your "fields" are wrapped.

    The second feature is the CellMerge property. This property allows you to merge cells much like Excel, thus giving you a form-like experience.

    The SRP Editor Options dialog demonstrates this in the Quick Commands tab:

    Hopefully this presents new ideas you hadn't considered.
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