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Crash after installing SRP Utilities


I have downloaded SRP utilities v2.0.2 from srpcs website, but after installing, There is an error message (I attach the error message). Is the error because I installed it improperly ?

My SRP Version is 2.4.1 and OI Version is 9.4. Right now, I am still using SRP Utilities Version 1.3.2


Albert K


  • Albert - Most likely this is because the SRPUtilities.dll that is in your OI folder was not replaced when you did the install. This happens whenever the .dll file is locked due to it being a resource file. Try renaming it first or moving it out of the OI folder and reinstall. Before testing your code again, check the Properties dialog of SRPUtilities.dll and verify that the version of the file is 2.0.2.
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