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content not available until manually click tab

Hi I have three tabs on a form, after I update the content in one tab,I have to click other tab then click the tab again manually to display the content, any idea?


  • I honestly don't know what you are describing. Can you be a little more descriptive or detailed?
  • @DonBakke I have 3 tabs(SRP tab control) in a form, lets say I have a edit table in tab 1(current selected tab is 1) and I insert data into the table, but to see the edit table content, I need to click tab 2 or tab 3 then click tab 1 again to see the updated content
  • When you say you are inserting data into the table, how are you doing this? Also, just to be clear, you are reporting that when you perform this "insert data into the table" action, your data is not visible right away? If this is what you are saying, then this doesn't seem like an SRP Tab control issue but rather an SRP EditTable issue, yes?
  • @DonBakke
    I just used set_property(control, "OLE.LIST", data) and if it is SRP EditTable issue, how come the content of the table appear when I switch between tabs?
  • All I can tell you is that the Tab control and the EditTable control have no special relationship to each other. You are drawing incorrect conclusions based on a simple observation. My guess is that the real issue has to do with you exiting the EditTable or perhaps you have some kind of redraw issue going on. I would imagine that you would see the exact same problem if you didn't have a Tab control on your form. What exactly are you doing when you click the Tab control? Are you changing pages on the form?
  • The issue is that the SRP EditTable is not getting the signal that it needs to redraw. This can happen for a lot of reason, but it's mostly out of the EditTable's control. Are you setting the REDRAW property anywhere? Also, make sure the SRP Tab control is as low as possible in the tab order.
  • Kevin's response just reminded me of something else. Make sure your physical OLE control that you are using for SRP Tab is not covering the same space that the SRP EditTable is in. OLE controls cannot occupy the same space on the form or there will be UI contention. The OLE control for SRP Tab should only be tall enough to display the tabs themselves. The "box" of the SRP Tab control is created using the OLE.Height property.
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