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Page Switching on Click

In my newest usage of the ShortcutBar control I'm having an issue where if you aren't on the first page of the form then the first page becomes the visible page the the duration of the click and then the appropriate page gets focus back. Is there something that I'm doing wrong that is causing this?


  • Bryan,

    I'm having a hard time following your explanation of what is happening. However, issues like this typically occur due to tab order problems. I assume the ShortcutBar control is set to be on all pages, correct? Does it matter what the OnClick event handler is doing?
  • Yea, the ShortcutBar is set to be visible on all pages. I haven't messed with the tabbing order yet but I can try that.

    What I meant by during the click is that it would flip to the first page as long as you held down the mouse button.

    It does appear to be giving focus to the first control when it flips to the front page briefly so that is more than likely the issue.
  • Bryan,

    This is starting to sound familiar to me. Please remind me what version of OI you are working with and what version of the SRP ShortcutBar you have.

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