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NSIS RDK script

Can you provide a new NSIS script for OI10 upgrade. I am getting REVCAP32.DLL not found error with the one used for OI9


  • No can do. NSIS is 32-bit and cannot communicate with OI10's 64-bit DLLS.
  • That's why I don't provide installers for our 64-bit products.
  • What is the installer that the OI10 rdk creates?
  • 'Deployment'. 'Installer Settings' tab
  • Maybe someone else at SRP who has used it knows, but I have not done any RDK deployment in OI10.

    Let me clarify that NSIS installers do allow 64-bit, but it's not a trivial thing for SRP to support. We have to update our NSIS plugins to support 64-bit. Then we have to revisit our approach to installers: should we supply one installer that supports 32-bit or 64-bit, or do we maintain separate installers? This brings us to the question, do we stick with NSIS technology at all?

    We have not settled on answers to these questions. In the meantime, you will have to interface with OI10's API directly from within your NSIS script using their built-in DLL calling mechanism.
  • Ok, thanks. I will leave it go.
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