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Ribbon size in OI10

I have a ribbon in the main MDI frame and in OI10 the ribbon font and icons are a lot smaller than in OI9.4.4. I have includes a snapshot for each system. Also the list box have a dark background and difficult to read.

Any advice would be grateful.



  • Sorry I should have included this OI10 image with the correct icons.

  • Just to be clear about the description of the problem, is your first screen shot missing icons because of something you did or is this also a problem with the Ribbon control? Also, you mentioned that the listbox has a dark background that is difficult to read. Is this an SRP control you are using (e.g., SRP Tree) or is this a native control but you simply pointing out that OI 10 renders this control differently from OI 9?
  • Hey Don,

    Got to see this in person myself today. Yes, disregard the first image.
    When viewed directly, the ribbon buttons (icons and font) are approximately a third of the size of the equivalent ribbon buttons in an OI 9 version.
    The other noticeable things are the mdiclient area starts about a third of the way down the window and I think that logo icon might be the window icon which if it was appropriately sized would appear in the backstage button.

    As for the list, that's an SRP tree control and ignoring the colour for now, the font there is also significantly smaller than it should be making it virtually illegible.
  • @AusMarkB thanks for the clarification. I'm doing fact finding for now until my other teammates jump in with expertise I don't have. While I'm in this mode, is there anything else worth noting? For instance, what is the DPI setting for this workstation. Does changing the DPI (or running the app for another machine) change anything?
  • SRP Controls are not DPI aware, so that will be an issue. There is no ETA on DPI awareness since it would require a major refactoring of all our controls.
  • My development laptop is a Microsoft Surface Book and attached the display settings:

  • My guess is setting the DPI to 100% instead of 200% will fix the problem, but then everything will look minuscule on your Surface.
  • Changing the DPI to 100% did NOT solve the ribbon display issue.
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    I guess that makes sense. Changing DPI to 100% will just make everything else smaller so it looks correctly proportioned. The reason OI 9.x looks bigger is because OI 9.x is not DPI aware, so Windows just scales everything up. But OI 10 is DPI aware, so Windows doesn't do any scaling on it's end, it just let's OI 10 scale things. OI 10 is scaling all its stuff, but the SRP stuff doesn't scale. Thus, the Ribbon looks a lot smaller. Since Surface Books have a ridiculously high resolution on a small screen, the icons and text on SRP controls looks tiny in comparison.
  • Maybe you need to look at setting the AUTOSCALE property to 0 for all controls, if you have a promoted create event this could be easy. OR maybe there is an undocumented 'apply no scaling to all my controls or this app"
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    Fortunately Revelation has supplied developers with the option to turn off automatic DPI scaling via an option called "suppressDPIAware" within your application's RXI file. Here is an example RXI file for a testing application I have called "CLINIC." All you need to do is change the 0 (zero) to a 1 (one). RXI files can be found in the root directory of your OpenInsight 10 folder. Here is the Revelation Article for further reading.

  • I'll add that @DanielStieber's method will force OI 10 to behave like OI 9 in that it will cause Windows to scale the entire application automatically using bitmap scaling. So, it won't be as sharp, but all our controls will scale with the rest of the application.
  • Damn, knew I saw it somewhere.
  • That worked. I had to adjust the MDI frame and recompiled the form. All looks good.
  • Hi Chris,

    Off topic here; I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your icons?
    Especially the hierarchical menu ones in the listbox above.

  • Hi Bruce,

    Most if the icons were purchased from axialis.com but some were acquired/drawn a long tome ago.
    Can you give me your email and I will send the ones not from axialis.
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