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Early version Frameworks and OI 10?

Before I spend too much more time on it, is there any hope of getting an app with an early version of Frameworks to run on OI 10? I tried the migration wizard, a few errors but not a lot, mostly legacy baggage.

FRW_MAIN won't come up and test running other windows shows that none of the SRP controls are working. It seemed like a good idea to ask a couple of questions at this point. :-)

Is it hopeless, or do I just need to do a little more work on this?

Thanks, Jim


  • Hi Jim. Yes, I would expect this to work but your mileage may vary regarding the hiccups you encounter. Full disclosure: we have not yet converted a FrameWorks application to OI 10. However, we endeavored to make sure that all of the essential ingredients are ready, including the port of our controls to 64bit.

    Your controls aren't working because they are 32bit. You have to use the 64bit controls. You haven't upgraded your controls in a very long time which means your license has expired and won't work with the newest releases. We would need to discuss privately arrangements for this. You can download the 64bit controls now for test purposes but you will get a nag message until your license is updated.
  • Hi Don,

    Yes, they are a little averse to spending for updating anything if it still works. It is good to know that at least in theory I should be able to get it to work on OI 10. Thanks for that info.

    Right now I am mainly doing a little testing to see how very multi-value intensive data will work when ported over to Couchbase in JSON format. The reason is to make the database accessible to various other systems and users via API and SQL, versus moving it to the cloud.

    I just got a large table loaded, and i am impressed at how well it worked, and how well Couchbase handles complex multidimensional data. The imported data looks beautiful! Except the CBBFS has a minor problem of turning all the multi-values into fields on the return and mangling the data. But this is new stuff, and I think most have been focusing on BASE64 mode. They'll get that fixed straight away.

    I think the 64bit controls with the nag screens will work just to see what it will take to make it run. If this Couchbase stuff solves a problem then application will need to go to 10 and they can re-license whatever is needed.

    Thanks for your help
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