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SRP ShortcutBar v3.0.4 and Form Designer Hangs

One of our customers has been corresponding directly with me regarding a problem with v3.0.4 of the SRP ShortcutBar control and the Form Designer. This is specific to the SRPShotcutBar.ocx, not the Pro control (i.e., SRPControls.ocx.) I did a remote session with the customer and verified the problem. We tried every combination of controls, licensing, and versions of OI. The problem is definitely centered around SRPShortcutBar.ocx v3.0.4. Version 3.0.2 does not seem to have this problem.

The kicker is that I cannot replicate this on my system. I am now reaching out to other customers to see if they experience the same problem. Anyone can do this, regardless of what controls you have licensed. You just need to download v3.0.4 of the SRPShortuctBar.ocx, register it (you may want to verify that it registered), create a new form, add an OLE control, and set the Prog ID to SRP.ShortcutBar.1. At that moment it will either work as expected or it will hang, and the area of the OLE control might turn black.

Your comments to this issue are appreciated.


  • Hi Don,

    Same problem here. Exactly as you described. The control went black and OI hung.

    OI 9.3.2 and Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1
  • Mark,

    Thanks for giving this a test. We have been able to do some additional testing in-house as well. There have not been enough tests for me to make a firm conclusion about this, but so far no one running Windows XP or Windows 8 have experienced any hanging. Only Vista and Windows 7 machines are experiencing the problem. On top of that, all Vista and Windows 7 machines have hung...which makes an even stronger statement that there is a connection.
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