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Add To Quick Access Toolbar


When I right click on a button in the SRP Ribbon control, I see an option in the context menu that says, "Add To Quick Access Toolbar". However when I click on that, nothing happens.

I searched the online Ribbon documentation and I couldn't find anything about that context menu item. Does someone know what that item does or how to activate it. I think that would be a nice feature for some of our clients.

Thank you,
Adam Chan


  • Currently, that feature doesn't do anything. The third-party control up which the Ribbon control is built, assumes there is a lot more framework in place.

    One possibility is to fire an event when the user clicks that option, allowing you--the developer--the opportunity to respond to it. It means you'd have to keep track of the user's preferences in the long term, but it would add functionality to that context menu.

    Another option is to look into just removing that option altogether as to not confuse users.
  • Hello, Kevin,

    That makes sense. If it's possible to add an event that gets fired when that button is clicked on, I could definitely build upon that on my own. I think it would be a neat feature for the end users to be able to add items to the quick access menu easily.

    Thanks for the quick reply as always. I look forward to being able to write the code for the event. I'm guessing you would send some other information with the event such as the Command Key?

    Let me know if there are any updates that include this in the future.

    Thank you
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