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How to exactly determine the height of a row

edited March 2019 in SRP EditTable Control

I want to use your edit table to display multiple rows of text in a cell.
For each row of text that I want to display in a single cell, I multiply the height of the cell by 16 pixels. Thus the cell is tall enough to contain all rows.

This is good, but it does create a little white space at the bottom in some cases. This must be because not all rows of text are 16 pixels high. The height of a row of text seems to depend on if the text contains capitals and numbers, as these characters take up more height than lower case characters like abc.

Do you have any recommendations as to what row height I should use or if I am missing anything? My goal is for the text to fit snugly within the cell, no white space at the bottom.


  • If you install our free SRP Utilities, there is a stored procedure called SRP_String. It has a feature called GetHeight that will measure the height needed to fit a string based on the font being used.
  • thanks, i will try this.
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