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How to deselect an row in Edit Table

Let's say I selected a row,, and the row is highlighted in yellow, now I want to deselect the row, i.e. get rid of the yellow highlight and also don't want to highlight any other row


  • Is this for the basic OpenInsight edit table or the SRP EditTable control? Since you posted in the general OpenInsight category I assume it's for the basic version. In which case, you can use the SELPOS property to get and set selected rows.

    Here is a brief example:
    *SelectedRows contains the list of rows
    Selected = Get_Property(@WINDOW:'.TABLE_1','SELPOS')
    SelectedRows = Selected<2>

    *Select rows 5 and 10.
    *Re-selecting an already selected row will unselect it
    NewSelected = 5 : @VM : 10
    Selected<2> = SelectedRows
    Set_Property(@WINDOW:'.TABLE_1','SELPOS', Selected)

    If you are using the SRP EditTable the SELPOS property would still be used so it's pretty much the same concept.
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