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Tab width

I note on your example screenshot each tab is a set size.
I have three tabs and they expand to fill the size of the tab control.
Please can you advise what property I set to define each tab width, I cant see it in the help.


  • I'm more curious as to how you achieved what you have.
    Do you mean each tab autosizes so they are evenly spread across the entire tab width or have I misunderstood?
    I'm not aware of a tab width either but by default the tabs just size themselves to fit the caption provided.
  • I just used the defaults (I think)
    I commented out the code to try and find the cause to get back to basics.
    Then reinstated a line at a time, and now its OK. Very strange.
    I must have made a mistake somewhere.
  • No no Colin.

    The correct response there was that you were cleverer than you thought just not quite clever enough to be able to explain the complexities to the rest of us.
  • There is no way to force the width of a tab. They tabs are sized to fit the contents of the tab. If, however, you set the Multilined property to 1, then the tabs will be stretched to fill all horizontal space, wrapping onto new lines if the tabs can't fit on one line.
  • Yep, that would be what I did
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