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Control bleed through

I have implemented the tab control on an existing screen to replace the OI tab control.
On tab 2, I am noting that some pixels from the information on tab 1 show.
See screen shot blown up a bit, the little dots are the pixels from the text on the previous page.
Any ideas?

<img src="https://forum.srpcs.com/uploads/editor/qj/cf43myyoevse.png" alt=""

Code :

CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.TabCount",3)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.TabColors[All]",TabColours)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.Height",-35)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.FocusOnClick",0)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.Font","MS Sans Serif":@SVM:9:@SVM:700)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.SelectFont","MS Sans Serif":@SVM:9:@SVM:700)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.AllowXPTheme",0)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.CustomPaneColor",ColorFill)
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.TabCaption[1]","Project Summary")
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.TabCaption[2]","Cost Plan")
CALL Set_Property(Tab_CtrlEntID,"OLE.TabCaption[3]","Approx Qtys")


  • Is this a form that has been around for awhile? I mean, did the form originate with an older version of OI, like pre-8.0?
  • Yes, its been around for ages, could well be before OI8
  • I tried deleting the edit line control and creating a new one, no change.
  • If the problem is what I think it is, deleting the edit line control isn't going to help. The problem is that the form's style bits are out of date. It's an issue that won't fix itself. Our Form Fixer utility was created to help. The screen shots that we have don't show your exact visual anomaly, but I've seen your issue enough times to recognize it as the same problem.
  • Installed and run the Form Fixer
    All seems OK now
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