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Chatting application


I want to create chatting application using Openinsight and Mysql.
Anyone have tried to create similar application like this ? How to get the data real time when there is a new incoming chat / message and show it on the edit table or text box ? What SRP tool can I use ?




  • wow interesting. I will check this. Thank you @AusMarkB
  • @albertkurniawan the SRP DirectConnect control can be used for an instant messaging (or chatting) application. However, the normal design is to use the SRP Sync Server as a go-between the various SRP DirectConnect controls. You use the Broadcast method and the OnMessage event to facilitate the sending and receiving of messages going back and forth.

    In your case you want to incorporate MySQL. I'm not sure how you envision this working. What protocol are you planning on using? Does MySQL have a messaging platform?
  • Hi @DonBakke

    The platform that i am using is API from whatsapp for business. Every new incoming messages and outgoing/sent messages are saved in mysql. What I need is just to get the data from mysql and show it using openinsight edit table or other ole control.
  • Hi @albertkurniawan. Just curious, how did you expect the WhatsApp MySQL database to inform you of activity? Does it support a database trigger that will notify you in some way? I'm still confused on how you expect to chat with this environment.

    That aside, it appears that WhatsApp has a web API. Why wouldn't you use this instead? This is much more straight forward and designed do to exactly what you want. In fact, interaction with web API like this is what the SRP HTTP Framework was built for (which you have).
  • Hi Don,

    Yes, we are using Whatsapp web API. But I also save all messages in mysql.
    Now, what my focus is to build a user interface so that a user can send a message and also read all incoming messages.
    I will explore SRP HTTP Frameworks, hopefully this will meet what I want to build.
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