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OCX register

We have a little program we run to register the OCX files. It is pretty old and I am looking to alternatives.
Just wondering if SRP have anything, or if there are ways to organise the SRP controls to be registered (and others) from within OI


  • When and how do you use your program?
    I encourage the IT depts. we deal with to add a script to the users logins so that every time they login to their machine, it copies the ocx from the server to a local drive, unregisters the old and registers the new.
    May be overkill but ensures that we can update the ocx as we see fit without it being locked as can happen when many customers are 24/7 businesses. Also seems to be more reliable when registered locally (which I get you may be doing already)

    Also reduces the calls we get when a new user is employed and they can't figure out why our apps don't work.
    Still happens mind you but not as often.
  • The only way to register controls from within OI is to run OI as administrator, which is just trading one nuisance for another. What is the problem with the program you use now?
  • Its working now, I am just looking to try and be more efficient, and use less third party tools.
    It seems as Windows is advancing, such tools are becoming more problematic.
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