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SRP Sort

Not sure if this is a bug or the way it is supposed to work.
See screen shots, variable before and after.
Field 2 is being sorted DR, but field 3 has additional MVs.
This sorts the values correctly, but the empty cells as a result of field 3 are before the highest numerics.


  • You're right. I wouldn't expect this. I would expect the blank cells to sort below the numbers since this is a descending sort. Let me take a look.
  • I loaded this, and get this error on one of my applications.
    I will need to check.
    Do I need to install the Revxxx files via RDK Install as well, or just copy the DLL over.

  • Install the RDK to be sure.
  • Yes, that works OK now.
    It was OI on OI9 for some strange reason but OI8 had issues.
    I will advise if anything strange comes up.
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