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Launched on OI8

The download says for OI9.
Does this also work with OI8

I just spent ages looking how to write one, then realised we already have this tool.
Brain freeze.
As such I need to refresh my mind on it, and would like to know if both OI versions are supported.


  • Officially we don't support anything older than OI 9 since Revelation no longer supports anything older than OI 9. Also, OI continues to introduce subtle changes that create conflicts with the way our OLE controls are programmed, so we have to make changes in them so they work correctly. This can mean that our newest controls might not work correctly in older versions of OI.

    However, the SRP Application Launcher by itself (i.e., just the .EXE and .INI configuration file) will work with all versions of OI because it is merely a launcher. If you intend to use the SRP Launcher OLE control, this should work as well, but it isn't supported.
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