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When I use the 'Close' method on a popup it makes a 'Bing' noise which is usually associated with some sort of error.
Everything works as expected except that a 'Bing' makes people awake from their mid afternoon slumber and go 'What just happened?'

It is the same 'Bing' that I get when I compile something in the Editor.

Is there a way to prevent this other than pressing Mute?



  • Mark,

    Just set the Mute property to True$, like so:
    Set_Property(CtrlEntId, 'OLE.Mute', True$) Send_Message(CtrlEntId, 'OLE.Close')
    Will that work for you?
  • :-) Works for me.
    Doesn't work for the control.
  • Ahhh...shucks. Hoping for the easy kill there. :-D

    Okay, so let's address this more seriously. A ding does not always mean an error condition. In fact, with OLE controls it more often means "the engine is busy". My guess is that there is logic executing after the closing of the Popup control but the engine is tied up with other matters.

    Perchance is the Popup control being qualified synchronously? If so, what happens if you change this to asynchronous?
  • Well that appears to have worked. Only one bing left which is not associated with the control.

    As I have one routine to qualify all my events and its an old one, everything was being qualified synchronously so would you mind please directing me to where you've previously mentioned which events need to be synchronous. I know you've outlined this in the past but as I felt everything seemed to be working I never bothered to change from synchronous back to asynchronous. Now that I have, I don't want any working stuff to break.

  • Mark,

    I think you are referring to this thread. Later on this was referenced and further discussed in this thread.

    I think I am starting to see a need for a new blog article here...
  • Thanks Don,

    I'll revisit my approach
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