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Weird display

I am using OI8 and Win10 on my development PC and all is fine.

On a potential client PC (OI8 and Win10) the editor formats like this:

Here is the options:

Any ideas as to what might cause this.

BTW: Are those selections in the dropdown correct, some look a bit out of place, if you know what I mean.(On my dev PC also)


  • Try this version of SRPUtil.ocx.
  • That did not work, still the same.
    I just saved to the folder(Overwrite) and opened OI and then the SrpEditor.
    Was there anything further I was supposed to do.
  • I know the OS is Win10, but is this via Citrix terminal?
  • No, just a single PC (dont think is maintained very well though)
    I will try OI9 test one day as I will eventually move them to that. OI8 because arev data on peer-to-peer network other PC.
  • I suggest trying the following things in this order:
    • Exit OpenInsight
    • Unregister SRPUtil.ocx
    • Register SRPUtil.ocx
    • Launch OpenInsight and the SRP Editor
    • Change the Theme to something else and click Apply
    • Change the Theme back to what you want it to be and click Apply
    Let us know if that helped.
  • Barry,

    I’ve seen this behavior too. The updated SRPUtil.ocx in conjunction with deleting these registry entries should fix it.


    The wrong values set in the registry so changing themes won’t clear it - you have to delete the theme values by removing the registry entries as certain default values get altered to always appear odd.
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