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select group row


Is it possible to select a group row? I will explain my situation.

I have a program that finds validation errors in a csv file. Each validation error is associated with a row in the csv file. And a row can have multiple validation errors associated with it.

I want to display the validation errors in a report table, and group each validation error by the row it is associated with. I also want the user to be able to select which rows they want to remove from the file by clicking on the group row associated with the row they wish to remove.

For example:

Group Row (1)
problem 1
problem 2

Group Row (7)
problem 1

If the user wants to remove Row 1 from the file, I want them to be able to select Group Row (1).

Is this possible?


  • I think GroupRowContextMenuEnabled would give you the best chance at achieving this but you would have to forego the default "Expand All/Collapse All" context menu
  • thanks, but context menus are too complicated for users. I thought of another way to do this using two tables.

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