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Srp_hashtable crashes when I call release

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Hi, I have two hash tables in a program. At the end of the program, I release them.

SRP_HashTable("Release", report)
SRP_HashTable("Release", skn_data_hashtable)

The skn_data_hashtable releases fine, but when I release the report hashtable, I get the non-numeric data but numeric required error.




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    Hopefully you can help me, but worst case, i just don't release the hashtable. Which isn't ideal, but doable.
  • We'll look into this tomorrow. It's midnight for us at the moment.
  • Thanks. Don't worry, it's not urgent.
  • @josh - When I create two handles and then release two handles I don't get the error you are seeing. However, if I manually manipulate one of the handles to include a non-numeric character then I get that error. This suggests to me two possible causes. First, your handle is getting malformed at the time it is created. Please debug your code and see if the handle returned is purely numeric. This could mean a bug in the SRP utility. Second, your handle is getting malformed due to some process in your own code.

    BTW, that screenshot doesn't help. SRP Utilities has nothing to do with the SRP Editor or the SRPUtil.ocx. The best way to confirm the version is to inspect the properties dialog of the SRPUtilities.dll and look for the File Version under the Detail tab. Please report back with this if you think the SRP HashTable function is not creating your handles properly.
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    hi thanks,

    i just realised that i am reusing the the name report for another variable in an internal subroutine, so that must be what is messing it up. I will just change it to report_hashtable to avoid this.

    Silly me

  • I really appreciate the follow-up so we can can be somewhat at ease.
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