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Report Table Volumns

I have a large amount of data I am attempting to show in a Report Table control, with 245 columns and 20,000 rows.
It gives up when this amount of data is put through it, and displays nothing.
I have tried the LIST property, and also the INSERT method, however the INSERT method I have just passed a great fat variable, so I might do this in chunks of 1000 rows at a time to see if this improves.

Solutions? I can provide the data if required.

If there is a solution or fix then I will review and see.
If not, then I will need to change my methodology , maybe some filtering option somehow, but that's a last resort.



  • I can investigate the issue, but there's no way for this perform well with that many rows. A lot goes on behind the scenes to manage all these rows. Sorting, data conversions, parsing. etc.

    Practically speaking, I have to ask, what good is displaying 20K rows to the user anyway? Even if I got the control to play nicely with so many rows, users are going to have to filter them down to make any meaningful use of all that data. A query seems warranted merely from a design perspective.

    If you'd like me to investigate, email me data. I'll see what I can do.
  • You are correct. They do need to filter, but I was planning for that to be achieved by the cool group function.
    The user can then drag the columns to group, collapse and then deal with the data that relates.
    I use this with smaller amounts of data, hide columns with no data, and save as a view.

    The issue really then is about managing the filters in the first place, not knowing what there is before its displayed in the control.

    For now, lets assume I will rethink this totally, and if needed then I will provide the data.
    Time to put my brain to use.

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