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Random error message Edittable

Sometimes we get an empty error messages with only the text "SRPControls" restarting the form is mostly the solution.
With the new OS this messages comes more often.
We thought it had to do with the amount of data etc, but in one table with just a couple of rows it happens frequently caused by a click on a checkbox.
What can be the problem?

Version is at 3.2.0.RC3
OS is windows 2019 Terminal server


  • This kind of error has been reported before and we have addressed it whenever we've been able to duplicate the problem. It's always a use case scenario so I can't give you a general answer to the "What can be the problem?" question. However, you really should upgrade from 3.2.0 RC3 to the latest official release (4.1.2) since we have already addressed many of these issues. Try it and let us know if you continue to see this error.
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