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REVCAP32.DLL and SRP Utilities v2.0.4

OI v9.4.4, SRP utilities v2.0.4, Win Server 2008 R2 Standard, tried to install latest version of SRP utilities, but got an error from OI "COULD NOT FIND REVCAO32.DLL" dialog-box when it wanted to RDK to SYSPROG. Checked OI forums, could not find anything. I installed SRP Utilities v1.5.8 and it installed without error, tried to install v2.0.4 again (as maybe an earlier version put items out there that SRP utilities needed, but it failed again. REVCAP32.DLL is in the OI folder. Downloaded another copy to a local workstation OI v9.4.2, Win10 v10.0.17763.557 and tried to install, got the same error "Could not find -- REVCAP32.DLL", I checked and REVCAP32.DLL is in the OI folder. Any suggestions? Mahalo.


  • This is a known problem. It seems to be due to upgrading the version of NSIS we use to create our installers. We are working on a fix.
  • I've just released SRP Utilities 2.0.5. This new installer should not have the REVCAP32.DLL error.
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