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REVCAP32.DLL and SRP Utilities v2.0.4

OI v9.4.4, SRP utilities v2.0.4, Win Server 2008 R2 Standard, tried to install latest version of SRP utilities, but got an error from OI "COULD NOT FIND REVCAO32.DLL" dialog-box when it wanted to RDK to SYSPROG. Checked OI forums, could not find anything. I installed SRP Utilities v1.5.8 and it installed without error, tried to install v2.0.4 again (as maybe an earlier version put items out there that SRP utilities needed, but it failed again. REVCAP32.DLL is in the OI folder. Downloaded another copy to a local workstation OI v9.4.2, Win10 v10.0.17763.557 and tried to install, got the same error "Could not find -- REVCAP32.DLL", I checked and REVCAP32.DLL is in the OI folder. Any suggestions? Mahalo.


  • This is a known problem. It seems to be due to upgrading the version of NSIS we use to create our installers. We are working on a fix.
  • I've just released SRP Utilities 2.0.5. This new installer should not have the REVCAP32.DLL error.
  • Hi Kevin,
    We just tried to install the latest SRP utilities (2.1) on our new terminal server (Server2016 64bit) but unfortunately we got the REVCAL32.DLL error.
    Installing it on Windows10 PC, no problem. Any clues?
  • I would be interested in more details regarding the REVCAP32.dll error, but I'm nearly certain the cause is due to a mismatch between the libraries installed via the RDK and the SRPUtilities.dll. Since you attempted to install on a Terminal Server, the SRPUtilities.dll was most likely already in use and locked. Try copying the SRPUtilities.dll manually into your OI folder on the Terminal Server. You may need to make sure everyone is logged off of OI first. When done, confirm the version of the DLL file by opening up the Properties dialog and check the Details tab.
  • I came across the version mismatch issue as well recently when installing the latest SRPUtilities release (thanks to Don for helping me out there as well). My question would be is there a way to roll the installer such that it wont fail silently on the SRPUtilities.dll copy? An Abort//Retry/Ignore sort of thing....
  • I'll look into it. Right now, the installer is just using RDKINSTALL, and RDKINSTALL doesn't seem to bother with providing such errors.
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