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API procedure naming

In the online documentation there are 2 references to naming conventions:

one in the auto create api: https://wiki.srpcs.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=20382603

"Thus, since our resource is named "customers", we will look for a stored procedure named CUSTOMERS_API. "

the other in how to create a procedure: https://wiki.srpcs.com/display/HTTPFramework/URL+Paths+and+Web+Services

"The SRP HTTP Framework is designed to automatically assume that any web service will be named like this: HTTP__Services. For this example, the web service routine would be named HTTP_Customers_Services."

So, does this mean it looks for HTTP_Customers_Services and if cant find it, then looks for CUSTOMERS_API


  • Sorry...I forgot to remove the second link so this is confusing you. Version 4 of the HTTP Framework introduces a very different structure to building APIs (in fact, we are now calling them APIs instead of Services to help make this point clear).

    If you refresh the page, I think you'll find that the second link is no longer there. However, you will still find it under the 3.x and Earlier page.

    You can run Version 4 of the HTTP Framework like Version 3. You would just switch the API Call Procedure option in the HTTP Framework Setup window from "Web API" to "HTTP Service". When in this mode, you would be invoking HTTP_Customers_Services. You would only want to do this so you could still use your existing HTTP service modules while you begin converting them to Web API modules. Just note that you cannot run them together. You are running one mode or the other.
  • Thanks.

    >>"Web API" to "HTTP Service"
    Ah, that explains that one, could not understand it and too embarrassed to asked.
  • Please, don't be embarrassed. I appreciate the questions since this probably reveals where the documentation needs to be focused. This version of the HTTP Framework introduces so many new features that the documentation is not as complete as I would like (and is why we haven't released it officially until 4.0.3).

    Having said that, the little help icons should be useful to you. Just hover over them with your mouse and the popups ought to provide some insight. If they aren't clear enough then just post your questions.
  • Ok, thanks.

    Just thought it was a terminology that most people were aware of. (I am very old school and not au fait with newer jargon)
  • Just thought it was a terminology that most people were aware of. (I am very old school and not au fait with newer jargon)

    It's a tiresome task keeping up with newer jargon. :) Truthfully, web services and web APIs are synonymous. However, there appears to be a shift toward calling RESTful services "APIs" in order to make a distinction from SOAP (or RPC) web "services". Thus, when we updated the SRP BASIC+ Enhanced Syntax, we chose the keyword API instead of Service.
  • Thank you.
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