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ShowAt property

I set the ShowAt property using the current cursor pos (+5)
The popup is made visible when I click on a specific location on a table.
While the popup is open, I click on another location to refresh the popup content.
This includes a revised ShowAt position.

My problem here is that the position of the popup is not refreshed.
I also included the XY cursorpos in the popup to ensure correct position is being passed and this confirms.


  • Colin,

    What do you mean by "current cursor pos (+5)"?
  • Hey Colin,

    I have one function that I use for displaying all my srp popups.
    Whilst I use different poupup characteristics, for different types of uses, It allows for consistency amongst like popups but also eliminates the need for me to remember all the quirks.

    I had a quick look at my 'show' method in that routine and see, I always call the close method before doing the showat.
    If the popup is not currently displayed then it doesn't matter but if it is, then it closes and then redisplays at the passed position.
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