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Is this one of your error messages?

edited July 2019 in SRP Utilities
Hi, I have an OI program that runs at 6am and 7am every day.
The program makes use of 2 of your tools: the hash table and the srp_array("clean"....) function. For some reason, the program crashed at 7am (but not at 6am) with this error message. Would this message be generated by one of your tools, or is this a vanilla OI thing.
I'm stumped, as the data between 6am and 7am was the same as far as i can tell, so i don't think that the 7am program crashed because of bad data...perhaps it was a memory issue?

oh yeah, and when I re-re ran the report again, it crashed on the same loading bar stage...Then I ran it again, and the program didn't crash. But before running it the second time(when it worked), I close the other OI program that was running on the computer, so perhaps that was related?


  • This isn't our error message but that doesn't mean our tools are exempt from the cause. It just says OINSIGHT.exe but perhaps something OINSIGHT.exe is calling (like a DLL method) is causing problems. These messages are usually very unhelpful. Perhaps the Windows Error event log might reveal more information.
  • hmm, i have gotten it to happen again...i think i might be able to get to the bottom of this. it crashed against at the same loading bar stage
  • cool i have narrowed down the issue. I forgot to mention that i am also calling your sort function

    SRP_SORY_ARRAy. It's crashing on that function.

    I think it could be crashing because I have a row with a different number of columns to all the other rows in the array to be sorted. But it doesn't crash all the time. I will investigate further.

  • Good job in getting this far. Yes, the SRP Array functions have been known to crash if unexpected data is passed in. We've addressed these when they've been reported so I recommend you verify which version you have and upgrade if necessary. You can do this by check the Properties of the SRPUtilities.dll file and then go to the Details tab. Check the File Version or the Product Version. If you are using a current version, then we'll need to get a copy of your data so we can test and resolve in our lab. We can discuss ways of doing that if we get that far.

    BTW, not that it should matter in terms of functionality, but we recommend you replace your SRP_Sort_Array calls with SRP_Array("SortRows") call. The latter is a wrapper around the former. The SRP_Array function can also be used to call other services so it is a bit more convenient.
  • Hi, we are using version 1.3.5.

    I will try to upgrade, and I will also call SRP_Array("SortRows") instead of SRP_Sort_Array.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • Hi i am able to consistently recreate the problem on my computer. When the array has an empty row, i get the error. When it doesn't i don't get the error.

    But 2 things still aren't explained:

    1. Why did this only start happening today? This program has been running for months.
    2. Why on the production computer does it only sometimes crash even though the data that is being sorted is the same as when it does crash.
  • Are you saying you upgraded to the latest SRP Utilities and are still getting the error?

    As to your other questions, I'm assuming you are just thinking out loud. I have no way of answering those questions.
  • no, i haven't upgraded yet. I wanted to try to reproduce the error using the old version so i understand why it's happening.

    and yes don't worry, you don't need to answer my 2 questions.
  • SRP_Array was rewritten as of version 2.0. You really need to upgrade as you are spinning wheels on something I'm sure has been fixed.
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