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Clicking on the expand icon

edited July 2019 in SRP Tree Control
Hi, when clicking on the expand button in the tree, two things happen in this order:

1. An OnClick event is generated
2. An OnItemExpand event is generated.

In the OnClick event, param1 contains the key of the node that belongs to the expand button.

Is there a way for me to know in the OnClick event that the OnClick event was generated by clicking on the expand button?
I need to know this, as clicking on the expand button and clicking on the node are two different use cases in my app.

I am using the latest version of the control.


  • If it's not possible, don't worry about it, as it's not a big deal. It would just be nice (;
    I do have a workaround as well.

  • I've not tried this, but I wonder if you could use the Point argument that comes through the OnClick event and the GetItemRectEx method to determine if you are clicking on the expansion button.
  • Perhaps the ExpandBehavior property will assist you in your goals. If clicking on an item has it's own meaning, you should perhaps set this property to "None".
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    Good idea, I will try it.

    Each node in the tree has products associated with it. When you click on a node, its products are loaded in the grid to the right of the tree. However, a node can have children. When expanding, i want to see the children of the node, not load the products of the node. So i don't think that ExpandBehaviour will work.

    Basically, I am trying to mimic the windows file browser. A directory has files (products), but it can also have sub-directories (children)

  • You are correct, but that's only because of the OnClick event. Try using the OnSelChange event instead for loading products. This is a better event anyway because it also fires if the use selects a different node using the keyboard.
  • hi, yeah i tried that, but we don't want the users to be able to select a node by navigating to it via the keyboard (as loading the products for a node can take a while, so we don't want to impede their ability to move through the tree with the keyboard)

    I will try don's idea. I think it will work.
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